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Gluten-Free Mixes With
Whole Grains
Our priority at Sun Flour Mills is to ensure products that have exceptional taste and provide  nutrients high in fiber and protein.  Our baking mixes contain vitally important whole grains that are necessary for a healthy diet.  Sun Flour Mills mixes are unique as they contain up to seventy-five percent whole grains in each bag.
Without whole grains, a gluten-free diet is often low in iron, fiber,
B vitamins, protein, and high in saturated fat and sugar.  It is important to fill these gaps and optimize nutrition.
Whole grains contain nutrients high in fiber and protein.  Fiber decreases cholesterol, improves satiety (so you feel full longer), helps to maintain healthy weight, decreases risk of colon cancer, and helps alleviate constipation and abdominal pain.  Protein, in combination with complex carbohydrates, keeps blood sugar stable.  Stable blood sugar improves concentration, and helps to avoid irritability, fatigue, and fainting (symptoms of hypoglycemia).  
These essential whole grains have been lacking in the gluten-free world until now....  We bring you
Sun Flour Mills.
 Sun Flour Mills Awarded “Best Overall Dessert”  Chocolate Cake Mix
2009 & 2010.  Both were NON gluten-free contests.
~At Sun Flour Mills all of our mixes are free of dairy, soy, wheat/gluten, nuts and eggs. We have made a commitment to incorporate whole grain ingredients so we can provide you with a variety of healthy products that taste great.
We are located in Boise Idaho and provide our mixes in a variety of stores throughout the United States.
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